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Watch Most Anticipated Hollywood Films of 2012

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 I must say, 2011 had some pretty amazing films to keep us movie buffs entertained and by the looks of things, 2012 is going to be even better! Here is my list of most anticipated movies for the new year! Lets get started!
10) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (November 16th)— this is the big finale to the twilight saga, and we get to see bella in her new element...as a vampire! Finales to sagas are always goodies, so twilight breaking dawn part 2 definitly makes the cut!
9) Men In Black III (May 25th)---its been a long time since weve caught up with the men in black, and im thinking will smith will bring his A-Game, and maybe even a new theme song that we can get jiggy to?
8) Django Unchained (December 25th)- ...with an all star cast including leonardo dicaprio, Jamie foxx and Christoph Waltz (just to name a few) and Quitin Taritino at the helm, this flick is sure to be a must see!
7) Prometheus (June 8th)---this action thriller stars charleze theron, Michael fassbender and noomi rapace and has been getting lots of buzz on the web and I think all the hype will be well deserved!
6) Skyfall (November 9th)---The latest bondflick brings Daniel craig back to us 007 fans! This classic will always be one we cant wait to see!
5) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14th) marks the first of 2 parts to the saga ...weve been getting little snippets here and there and from what we can see so far, this journey will be one we definitely want to be on!
4) The Hunger Games- now we got a glimpse of the trailer and the film looks nothing short of intese, gripping, and straight up amazing! Just like the books for those of you who have been a fan of the games for quite some time now!
3) The Dark Knight Rises july 20th- this is supposedly the last of bane, and we all know that chris Nolan wont go out without a big bang, so heres to the caped crusader!
2) the amazing spider man july 4th- this will be the first of mark webs spiderman series, promising to give a much more in depth look into peter parkers life
1) And the most anticipated flick for 2012 is the avengers which will release may 4th! I just cant wait to see the all star super hero packed ensemble cast take on the villians of the world. Not to mention...you know, thor...but seriously, thor aside, where else can you catch ironman, the hulk, captain America and black widow all in one place? This film will be one that all superhero movie buffs will definirly not want to miss!
So what did you think of our list? Any movies we missed that you just cant wait to see next year? If so let us know by commenting below and while your at it, be sure to bookmark the site and share video with friends,


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