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Hollywood Online The Avengers' To Feature A Vampire

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 The cast list went up on IMDb for Joss Whedon's The Avengers and we saw something that caught our curiosity. Actor/Stuntman J.J. Perry is slated to play a vampire in a post credits scene.

Marvel is known for teasing there next movies in these little scenes hiding after the credits and this really got me thinking. First off, this IS Marvel, and the best known marvel vampire is Morbius...could we be seeing the living vampire on the big screen soon? Perhaps in the Avengers sequel? I don't know....

Morbius, is mainly associated with Spider-Man, not really the Avengers, so if it IS Morbius at the end ot the Avengers credits, then perhaps it's a tie in for The Amazing Spider-Man set to release summer of 0-12. Some are speculating that perhaps we'll see this vampire in the imminent sequel to The Avengers. But then again, a sequel may not be the easiest thing to pull off. When you have a star studded ensemble cast like this, it's hard to get everyone needed in the same room a second time.

Others may take an immediate stand that vampires don't belong in an Avengers movie, but I say to that, IT'S JOSS WHEDON! With Titles like Angel and Buffy the VAMPIRE slayer, the director knows how to work a good vampire story.
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